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SinDesperdicio is a platform of partners committed to working for a Latin America and the Caribbean without food loss and waste. The region needs more innovation, better public policies and greater capacity and knowledge on the issue.
#SinDesperdicio can be part of the solution.

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for a region without waste


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In Latin America and the Caribbean, 12% of total food production is lost each year. More than 220 million tons. This is only between the stages of production, transport and processing. Another 17% is wasted between marketing and consumption. This phenomenon occurs in a region where 60 million people suffer from severe food insecurity. #SinDesperdicio seeks to change this reality by working in 4 areas:

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Apply technology to reduce food loss and waste along the entire food supply chain. From production to consumption

Promote laws, policies and programs that facilitate the reduction of food loss and waste.

Develop studies and analyses on the market failures that explain food loss and waste.

Promote behavioral changes among producers, consumers and all actors in the food supply chain.